Sailboat dodgers are valuable to the sailor.  


They protect the helmsman when at sea and allow protection from the elements for the open companionway.

Types of Sailboat Dodgers         Spray Hoods        Options    



Traditional Dodger:  Traditional dodgers are just that. They are an old design that has sufficed for many years. They are generally a two bow frame and a one piece canvas cover. They were designed to fold forward out of the way when not in use. Unfortunately this puts folds and wrinkles in the clear vinyl windows and renders them unusable to see through.






California Dodger:  The California dodger is a newer design dodger. With its rigid two piece frame, roll up front window and removable sides, it is a much more versatile product.  The removable side curtains and roll up front curtain offers the advantage of more airflow through the cockpit and cabin on warm days while still providing shade over the companionway.  When curtains are in place, it allows for protection from the rain and spray, same as the traditional dodger design.  Also the removable and "roll up" clear window material isn't damaged from folding.


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With Awning & Bimini

California Dodger

With Awning & Bimini

With Awning Only

California Dodger


Options For Dodgers:     


Your frame can be built so that it folds down forward to get it out of the way.  This can be a handy option for racing sailors. As with any advantage there are disadvantages as discussed in the traditional dodger section. 

You also have the option of having the aft frame fold to a rigid mounted forward bow. The possibilities are as endless as are the compromises. For more information and an estimate contact us for an appointment.


If you have (or will have) a BIMINI top on your boat, we can build an awning that goes between the dodger and the bimini, creating shade in the cockpit on hot, sunny days, and protection from the elements. (Click Here For Photo)

This awning attachment is easily removed by unzipping two zippers.  After doing so, you can still enjoy the benefits of keeping your dodger and bimini in place without the awning. 


A zippered opening is standard on most Traditional and California dodgers but is an option on spray hoods.



Spray Hoods       Each is shown with a Spray hood on the front and a bimini in the cockpit.  

Spray hoods are basically a traditional dodger mounted to the front of an open boat such as a center console to protect passengers and cargo from water spraying up over the bow.

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