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Sunbrella®    ® Sunbrella is a registered trademark of Glen Raven, Inc.

Sunbrella® is 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabric. Sunbrella® is  impregnated with compounds that create a water resistant coating. The solution-dying process ensures that colors are locked into the acrylic fibers, resulting in fade resistant fabric.

Water Resistancy 

Sunbrella® fabric is not waterproof; it is water repellant. This means that during the finishing process a water repellant finish is applied to the fabric. Normal wear and usage will reduce the effectiveness of this finish as will cleaning the fabric.  This finish can easily be restored.


Uses of Sunbrella®

Biminis, dodgers, convertible tops, covers, enclosures, awnings, bags and many more items.


Sunbrella® stands up to the elements with amazing strength.  Caring for your Sunbrella® product properly will help ensure its long lasting life.  DO NOT SUBJECT to EXCESSIVE HEAT.  When Sunbrella fabric is stored, it should be cleaned, allowed to air dry and stored in a dry, well ventilated area.



Sunbrella fabric should be cleaned regularly before substances such as dirt, roof particles, etc. are allowed to accumulate on and become embedded in the fabric.  The fabric can be cleaned without being removed from the installation. Simply brush off any loose dirt, roof particles, etc.; hose down and clean with a mild solution of natural soap in lukewarm water (no more than 100° F).  Rinse thoroughly to removed soap.  DO NOT USE DETERGENTS.  Allow to air dry.


For more stubborn cases:  soak the fabric for approximately 20 minutes in a solution of no more than 1/2 cup (4 oz.) of a non-chlorine bleach and 1/4 cup (2 oz.) natural soap per gallon of water at approximately 100° F.  Rinse thoroughly in cold water to remove all soap.  NOTE:  Excessive soaking in non-chlorine bleach can deteriorate sewing threads.  This method of cleaning may remove part of the water repellency and the fabric should receive an application of an air-curing fluorocarbon water repellent treatment, such as 303 Hi Tech Fabric Guard (Available from PMC), if water repellency is a factor.  

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PMC uses laminated vinyl fabrics for many applications, most often when someone is looking complete waterproof tops such as a fishing top.  These vinyls are very popular as they create "waterproof" tops and covers as opposed to "water-resistant" materials like Sunbrella.  PMC will help you choose what is best to fit your needs.  Click here for vinyl care products.

PMC uses the following:


Weblon Regatta Yacht Fabrics



Regatta - By Weblon:  Weblon is a lamination of two plies of specially formulated vinyl with an inner reinforcing core fabric woven from high strength Hoescht Trevira® polyester yarns.  The following are its characteristics.

  • waterproof and mildew resistant
  • high, lasting strength - light weight
  • dimensional stability - in all weather
  • heat, cold and abrasion resistant
  • white tops, reflect heat - pastel linings relieve glare
  • compact storage wet or dry

Stamoid:  is guaranteed to withstand all climates. Stamoid exterior marine fabrics have provided long lasting, durable quality on boats of all sizes throughout the world.   

  • Easily Cleaned
  • Strong
  • All Temperature Flexibility
  • Soft and pliable
  • Dimensionally Stable

To Clean:  Stamoid should be cleaned of any dirt buildup at regular intervals (at least twice per year).  We recommend applying a mild, lukewarm soap solution, such as liquid dishwashing soap, with a soft brush or sponge.  Let the soap stand for a short period of time but do not allow soap to dry.  The fabric must then be carefully rinsed with clear water in order to remove any remaining soap residue.  Allow the vinyl to dry thoroughly, then reuse or fold and store.  NOTE:  The use of abrasive detergents and/or substances containing solvents or gasoline will damage the vinyl coating and/or fabric.  DO NOT WASH THIS MATERIAL IN A WASHING MACHINE OR DRY IN A DRYER.

Seamark:  Waterproof marine fabric made by combining Sunbrella fabric with a textured marine grade vinyl.  Used for boat tops, covers and some upholstery applications.

  • Waterproof finish
  • UV, mildew and fade resistant

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"Strataglass" (pressed polished sheets) Semi-rigid Barrett bonded windows
Pressed polished sheets Roll vinyl

(See care information at the end of clear vinyl list)


  • Test results prove Strataglass blocks 100% of the harmful spectrum of U. V. Light
  • 100% customer satisfaction-used worldwide
  • 100% dedicated to the marine industry
  • 8th year on the market! - proven performance
  • Proven Scratch Resistant 


Strataglass manufacturers introduce only a minimal amount of UV inhibitors into the vinyl, then add a UV blocking coating to the surface of the vinyl. The coated vinyl is then press polished for a superior finish. A film is applied to both sides of pressed and polished glass making it resistant to scratching and deterioration from UV.  Strataglass has been tested under accelerated UV conditions and typical UV conditions and is has proven to remain strong and resistant even after 10 years.  We use .040 gauge Strataglass and it is most common on larger boats (ie: Fly bridge enclosures) 
      Barrett Bonded Windows   

PMC is an Authorized Dealer of Barrett Bonded Windows. Barrett manufactures semi-rigid windows.  This product is the top of the line window material available today. Made with silicate-coated polycarbonate it will not yellow or wrinkle like traditional vinyl windows. As clear as glass, the long-lasting Barrett Bonded Window is specially coated to provide maximum UV protection as well as scratch resistance.



Barrett Bonded Windows are the ultimate replacement for soft-vinyl enclosure windows.  This next generation window technology is:
 - Clear as Glass
 - Shatter Proof
 - Flexible
 - Long Lasting and Durable
 - Amazing Fit and Finish with patented seamless construction


Uses of Barrett Windows

 - Marine enclosures off Hard-Tops, Biminis, and Dodgers 
 - Party Tents
 - Patio and Deck Enclosures
 - Awning Enclosures
 - Restaurant Enclosures

Pressed Polished Sheets:   This type of material is considered optically clear.  The manufacturer presses two pieces of clear vinyl together and polishes it, which removes the distortion.  These sheets are generally more stiff than rolled vinyl, but are still easy to roll up.  These are available in .030 and .040 gauge thickness.  PMC can help you choose which is best for your boat.  This material is generally used on more extensive tops on boats larger than 25 feet, depending on the customers needs and desires.  
Roll vinyl:  It is very soft and flexible, comparatively inexpensive and tends to inherently have more visual distortion than other types. 


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STRATAGLASS: Manufacturers suggest not to use any product labeled wax, polish or scratch remover, including Pledge.  The film on Strataglass will prevent the absorption of these products, and polish or scratch removers will remove the film.  They do recommend a product called Aquatech Strataglass Cleaner.  This can be used on both Strataglass and regular clear vinyl. ROLL VINYL:  Rinse thoroughly first to remove any salt deposit, then use a mild soap, rinsing well as you go along.  Dry with a soft cloth or chamois.  DO NOT use paper towels.




  • NEVER use any kind of product with SILICONE in it. 

  • Don't handle the glass with sunscreen on your hands. 

  • When storing, place paper or fabric between the panels so they don't stick together. 


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